Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinterested......are you?

Okay, so I am sure most of you know about Pinterest but what do we do with all the pins that we create?  Is anyone actually using them or doing anything with all the cool things we see?

I know for sure a few friends have tried things out.  My friend Deana, over at Little Pink Cupcakes made the really cool laundry basket tower for dealing with piles of unwanted laundry.  My friend Dot, over at Busted Button was actually the creator of one piece I found floating around on pinterest.  So, I figured it was my turn to do something.

My little guy and I tried out the homemade crayon recipe!  Who doesn't have kids and a million little half pieces of crayons?  But the question was, how good would these new crayons be?  Better than the not so great $1 pack of crayons from the dollar store or the cheap bin at Michales?  Good enough to compare to the $5 pack of crayola crayons?  Check it out...

First, you have to find all the bits and pieces, peel the  paper off of them, and break them into smaller pieces (a pair of kitchen shears can be helpful here!).
Next, you get your handy dandy helper....
Who beautifully fills small silicone muffin trays with the broken crayon pieces.
Preheat the oven to 235 degrees and bake for 15 minutes or until crayon pieces completely melted.

I found in our new convection oven that we didn't need a full 15 minutes, just keep an eye on it.
Once done, let the new crayons cool completely in the trays.  Once they are completely cooled, they can be popped out and used or packaged for sharing!
So, to answer my own question....yes, new crayons can be made out of old pieces in a relatively painless, cheap and simple way!  The cheap crayons don't do as well as their more expensive counter parts.  We had a few cheap crayons in the mix and they seemed to lose most of their color and the wax floated to the top.  We rubbed the cheap wax off the new crayons and they worked great after that!

Got any great ideas for making new crayons or what to do with them?  We would love to see and hear from you!

Blessings, Nadine.

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