Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Day Full of Randomness

Ok, so honestly, most of the week has been full of random inefficient  mostly unsuccessful days :)  Other than a few organizational genius events here and there!  But in all excuse making fairness, my oldest has been home with a chest cold all week and my little one now seems to have the stomach flu.  But despite all that......craftiness happened! 
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I got tired of everyone asking who the girl in the picture frame was! (I don't know, she came with the frame, honest!)   Why I had her in the frame still years after being given it, I don't know......

But it was all worth it because look at it now!
I cut out a circle of pink card stock and prettied it up with some scrapbooking accessories that have been lying around unused I have been dying to use for ages!

The glass was still intact (which is a miracle in my house) so after a good clean with some Bon  Ami I have a dry erase "To Do List" on my kitchen counter that can be updated easily and is in site for quick reminders!

The other randomness of today?

I took a few minutes to admire my always clean and organized bedroom closet....

And yes, the closet is ALWAYS this clean and tidy!  That's why I didn't get a picture that showed the mess on the floor all around it.  And no, the cupboard doors aren't really purple, nor are there really butterflies, bumblebees and fairies on the wallpaper in our awesome master bedroom.

Spent a little time on pinterest looking for a way to do my hair without having to brush it.....

We did a quick safety check around the house today....

We're good.  There will be no falls in our home today from a height of greater than 3 inches! Whew!  Thank goodness for that :)

Not sure how we ended up with this set-up but he seems to like it so I won't complain!

And then it was time for a daily adventure.  We adventured a whole 3 blocks in the car in the pooring rain to help a dear friend with some organizational issues...

So all of the things on the counter came out of that one drawer that
is open in the picture below here.  Now everyone has a junk drawer!  We discussed this to help make my unnamed friend feel better.

However, not everyone has this much junk in their utensil drawer!

But she bribed me with some delicious lunch to organize it for her!  I got so distracted by the food I forgot to take an after  picture to show everyone.  But don't worry, I'm sure my friend will post one when she shares the recipe for the Pasta and Avocado we ate for lunch.  Stay tuned!  And feel free to share with us any of you unproductive activities...

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  1. How awesome is that! Unproductive my butt!