Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pizza Fun

I don't know how many times now that I have restarted writing this blog entry.. I think I am a bit rusty at it! Today the sun was shining and the temperature was beautiful on the Island. My oldest was home from school with a bad cough for the second day in a row - but I can guarantee you that he is going back tomorrow no matter what! He was the epitome of stir crazy.

Anyways, a while back my husband kneaded out an extra batch of pizza dough, so we decided to see how well it would freeze. Today I pulled it out of the freezer to see if it would still be as good as the first batch he had made. Low and behold it was! So after a long day of speaking nicely to my children about their volume level when the little one was sleeping... wait who am I kidding, after spending the day arguing and yes out right yelling at them to be quiet while their sister was asleep in her crib, I asked them to help me make supper.

Aiden was more than happy to help with the rolling of the dough. ( Speaking of the dough you can find the recipe at the bottom of this post.) After we rolled it out we cut it into circles using whatever I could find, which happened to be a pyrex round dish that worked perfectly. As you can see Aiden was having a blast being a "cooker" as he would call it!

So after rolling out the dough we cut half of it into circles for the kids to "decorate" themselves. Zoanna had no problem deciding what to put on her pizza, o and don't worry there was no confusing whose pizza was whose... Zoanna was very concerned about that - funny thing is when we served the hot pizza at supper she looked at me and said "Mom, you know I don't like to eat pizza" haha..made me smile.

I guess in the end, my day wasn't so terrible. I managed to find a rainbow among the storm clouds of stir crazy children! The moral of the story as you can plainly see is... well I don't know what it is. I just know that I love those smiling faces! AND we enjoyed cooking together. So how do you combine your favorite things? I love being in the kitchen and I usually like being in there alone, but this time for pizza making, I can make an exception!

Happy Eating!


Pizza Dough:
2 1/4 tsp Active Dry Yeast
1 1/3 Cup warm water
3 1/2 - 3 3/4 Cups Flour
1 Tbls olive oil
1 Tbls sugar
1 Tbls salt

1. Combine yeast and water and proof it.
2. In separate bowl combine the remaining ingredients.
3. Add proofed yeast and water mixture to dry ingredients and knead for roughly 10 minutes, until dough is soft and no longer sticky - adding flour as needed.
4. Cover and let rise until double in size, around 90 minutes
5. Preheat oven to 450 degrees
6. Roll dough into a ball and let rest for 10 minutes.
7. Prepare your baking pan by dusting it with a layer of cornmeal
8. Using your hands or a rolling pin, shape dough into desired shape
9. Place dough on prepared pan.  Brush with extra oil and dent the dough with your thumb to prevent air pockets from forming when the pizza is cooking.
10.  Top your pizza with all your favorite toppings and bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes.


As an aside note, after step 4, you can wrap your dough ball in plastic wrap and freeze it for another day.  We often double the recipe so we can have a meal that night and plan ahead for another meal.  See our menu boards for some ideas on how to plan ahead.

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