Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A little more organization never hurt anybody!

So lately all the blogs that I have stumbled across or follow have been talking about organization!

I signed back up for Fly Lady, which in the past, has done wonders to help me keep my house functional, clean and organized.  It's really worth checking out.  You get daily emails with a 15 minutes task to do, special challenges, and monthly focuses.  It's an awesome cleaning plan where they constantly encourage to do what you can when you can.

I also stumbled across a blog, that initially I told myself I would NEVER look at :)  And you know what happens when you say never!  My initial issue was that I read the blog address (and therefore the blog title) wrong.  The blog address is www.imperfecthomemaking.com.  Now, it would make sense to read it as imperfect homemaking, but I however only saw I'm Perfect homemaking.  Maybe a sore point I need to deal with?!?  This site has a great series done back in October on 31 days to organizing your home.  I did day one and loved the changes.  Picture is coming, i forgot a before  picture, and i will take an after one once DH hangs the new photo frame turned white board for remembering what is in the bin to give back to others!

And that was it, once I started, I just couldn't stop.  I saw a neat  picture with cool jars for keeping laundry soap in.  Well, I want to display my homemade laundry soap in a pretty jar too, along with the extra baking soda and vinegar for stains and smells.  This time, I did remember the before and after pics. 

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So, what cool things have you guys been doing to organize your household?

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