Thursday, February 23, 2012

And yet a little more organization....

Okay, I think that I have just spent the best $3 ever!  I decided to continue on with my organizing spree, but I wanted to pick an area that really needed a pick me up.  Funny enough, the area that first came to mind was under my kitchen sink.  It was overflowing with recycling, stained on the bottom from past water leaks, and just ugly and disorganized.

Okay, so I did happen to take out the recycling and clear away some of the clutter before remembering to take the before picture.

I picked up 2 rolls of contact paper at the dollar store for $1.50 per roll, and 2 new baskets in pink that picked up the pink pinstripe in the contact paper.  And there was enough left over to cover over the garbage can as well...

Voila.....a much more appealing cupboard!

And one final touch, I needed a place to store the
                                                                                rubber gloves as I got rid of the old container that held several pairs.  I used a fancy clothes pin bought a while back at Michaels (6 epoxied clothespins for $1.50).  I stuck it on with doubled sided foam tape and I now have somewhere out of the way but easily accessible to hang my gloves. 

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  1. Don't know if anyone noticed, but yes there is a large can of processed chemicals under my sink :) I am usually very natural when it comes to my cleaning products and will make my own before buying. The large can of glass cleaner belongs to my husband...just sayin' :) Happy cleaning!