Monday, April 18, 2011

We got our meat!

So, here is what 155 pounds of beef looks like:

We got:
18 lbs. of ground beef
13 lbs. of bones
7 lbs. top round roasts
7 lbs. of prime rib
6 lbs. of chuck steak
6 lbs. bottom round roasts
5 1/2 pounds of short ribs
5 1/2 pounds of t bone steaks
5 lbs. of stewing beef
4 lb. cross rib roast
4 1/2 lb. sirloin tip roast
3 pounds of top sirloin steaks
1 1/4 lbs. of tenderloin

Now if you're a math person, you know that doesn't add up to 155 pounds, it's actually around 86 pounds. We called the farmer to verify (as it is our first time buying this way and we weren't sure). The half of the cow we claimed as our own weighed 155 pound hanging. After being butchered you end up with 65-75% of that weight in cuts. We are also entitled to the innards (ie. the tongue, the liver), but we passed.

Our meat is a mix of Angus, Limousin and Hereford. They are raised without hormones, not fed any animal by products, they are grass raised locally on over 100 acres of hay fields. They have free range weather permitting. This farm is basically organic, except for the treated wood in the fence :) Gotta love politics and paperwork!


  1. Just as an FYI - the floor the meat is sitting on was very recently washed...just saying..


  2. That is a whomping amount of meat! May I ask how much that costs?

  3. We paid $3.50 per pound (but that is the hanging weight i was talking about). It worked out to about $275 each.

  4. The t-bones were excellent! Our BBQ has a searing burner which l started the steaks on. l cooked them for about 4 mins per side and then moved them over to the regular burner to finish them off. They were juicy and had great flavour. Now I am looking forward to trying our prime rib.