Friday, April 22, 2011

Making Homemade first attempt

Ok, so this morning I was trying to plan what to have for supper with our new prime rib steaks we recently purchased. It is such a beautiful day that I wanted to make it into a picnic and what goes better with a picnic than potato salad right? Plenty of potatoes, lots of eggs and onions, and wait for it - no mayo! Shoot now what, I'm thinking that it is Good Friday and nothing is open so this would be the perfect time to experiment and make my own mayo. I remembered seeing this video and it seemed pretty straight forward. Ha, was I ever wrong. I did exactly what Gordon mentioned in the video but mine turned out to be this yellow liquid egg yolk mess (sorry I forgot to get a picture, but trust me it did not look fantastic!).

Annoyed with the results, I scoured the internet for another method. I came across this one. It seemed to be quite reasonable as well. After letting the ingredients sit out for awhile I decided to make a second attempt at homemade mayo. I measured out all the ingredients, found a squeeze bottle and got started.

It honestly did feel like it was going to take forever to add in the oil drop by drop and trust me when I tell you you are very tempted to just squeeze that bottle harder! I should have timed the whole thing, but that slipped my mind. I used my kitchenaid with the whisk attachment because I don't have a hand mixer. Low and behold, after what seemed like an hour or so, the yolk and oil concoction turned into pure, thick yummy looking homemade mayo! Take a look:

Yes indeed, no more liquid egg yolk grossness...BUT my story isn't over yet. As per the instructions, I added 1Tbsp of lemon juice, mixed it in and did a little taste test. The moment the mayo touched my mouth I could feel my whole body reacting to the absolutely disgusting flavour in my mouth! I ran to the kitchen and washed my mouth out with water more than a dozen times! I never thought to check the oil that we recently purchased at the local big box store in Victoria but as it happens the olive oil I used was rancid. Wow, never knew that it could taste SO BAD! After recovering from the shock to my taste buds, I instinctively called Nadine and cried on the phone over the whole thing. Five of my lovely organic eggs wasted, over 3 cups of oil down the drain, for what? I guess through it all I have gained the knowledge and skills to make a thick, creamy homemade mayo for our next picnic potato salad!

Do you have any stories about kitchen experiments gone horribly wrong? I would love to hear that I'm not the only one out there with kitchen nightmares!

Enjoy your long weekend, and don't forget the tremendous sacrifice that Christ has done for us.

Respectfully yours in the kitchen,

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  1. I love this story! Mayonaise is a really tricky thing to make. The good Lord gave you a nose and you should always smell your oils and butters. You will be able to smell if it is rancid. Life is a learning experience, no harm to say!