Thursday, April 21, 2011

I got my CSA box!

Hooray for Wednesdays! Besides being the day we go to our mom's group, it is now also the day I get my box of delicious, nutritious organic locally grown veggies. Check it out!

This box had:
1 bunch of red beats
1 bunch of red kale
1 bunch of sorrel
1 bunch of mizuna
1 bundle of chives
2 large shallots
1/2 lb. of crimini mushrooms
2 heads of green leaf lettuce
1 long english cucumber

So, we thought we would try out a "seasonal" recipe last night. It was a bit challenging just to find something we all agreed on that was wheat free and vegetarian (we had company for dinner) and also dairy free (though i did end up fudging on that a bit. We ended up making a delicious fresh chunky pasta sauce with rice spirals and a Greek salad.

The kids weren't big on the pasta sauce (I'm sure they'll get used to fresher sauces with time) but the adults all liked it and would eat it again! Why don't you try some yourself. Check out the recipe here . Let me know what you think, or any changes that you made to it yourself!

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