Monday, May 9, 2011

Where does the time go!

I have to apologize! I can't believe it has been over a week since I last wrote. That just goes to show you how absorbed into my garden I have been. Anyone who has tried to call me will verify that because I don't answer the phone when I am working outside.

This morning was a teenage hormonal experience. (No offense to our teen readers.) After speaking to Alicia and finding out that her radishes had sprouted, I was very excited to see if anything had come up in my garden.

I was like a child at Christmas time, scanning everything for the best thing, then getting close and really checking everything out. My front box was full of sweet surprises! I have 2 full squares of arugula that have sprouted, 1 box with several spinach shoots, 2 red onions coming up, and musclen salad green coming through. I was so giddy it was almost embarrasing.

Then I looked up to check my back box only to find that the cat had been digging AGAIN! My sudden rush of excitement turned to a quick desire to strangle my cat. (Not really, i love her to bits, but stop messing with my garden cat!)

There have been several great things in the yard; my rhubarb is getting pretty big, the peas are sure growing and the strawberries have blossoms on them!!!

I mowed the front lawn and weed whacked this morning, and thanks to my extreme inaccuracy, I now have a beautiful vase of garden fresh flowers on my sill. (Isaac helped me rescue them after I mowed them down.)

Ah, so good to say spring in finally here! And just because gardening wasn't enough today, we also baked whole wheat bread, tried out a new spelt bread recipe, and made 3 sub style buns. Check it out! And try it out.... recipe to come (the family is waiting for dinner right now.)


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  1. You are going to get lots of berries because there are lots of flowers. A great way to spread strawberries is to throw them in your compost then replant them as they get bigger.