Monday, August 8, 2011

An exciting new recipe!!!

I know, so it has been far too long since I blogged. It's been a very very busy summer. But, during a quick quiet moment, I wanted to share this fabulous new healthier and cheaper salad dressing recipe that is incredibly good!

Here is the RECIPE . You can adjust the serving sizes on the website. I served it at a church potluck this weekend and it was a hit with all who tried it!

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

I will try and write again soon and let you know about all the cool canning we have been up to! (Including; tomato sauce, tomato paste, pickled garlic, dilled carrots, blueberry jam, blueberry lime jam, plum jam, plum sauce, apple butter, blueberry butter, blueberry syrup, and more!)


1 comment:

  1. I thoroughly agree that this is a fantastic recipe! It just needs a little F-eta to make it perfect!