Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So summer is here in almost full force! My ankles and feet are swollen and I feel like all I do is complain about being pregnant and hoping that the baby comes early. I need to stop. So if I have called or talked to you in the last month or so, I need to apologize for my complaining attitude. I am remembering that I asked for this baby, no let me rephrase that... I begged God for this pregnancy and I need to come back to that spot in my life when I didn't know whether it would be even possible to have another baby. So here is my confession of my horrible attitude. Please forgive me.

Now on to a more positive note... in 8 months of being pregnant I had gained 11 pounds and then turned around and lost 6 pounds this past month. I must say that it feels really good! I think I can contribute the loss to two specific things - Thetis Island BC and eating locally. A few weekends ago we spent a few days with our church family at a retreat center that was built on the side of a hill. I was definitely sore when I came home! But I believe the major reason is because of my food choices. As of today I still have local beef in the freezer and we were also able to add 4 local organic chickens to our freezer collection. I just need to plan my meals ahead before I can tell you how delicious the chickens tasted. Besides getting our local food box I have been running over to the Root Cellar to supplement our fruits and veggies. I also have been picking up eggs at a local farm for $6.75 for two and a half dozen. As an aside, that's the same price as our local Costco (where do they get their eggs from? I have no idea!).

Ok, so to keep this a bit shorter I will get to the amazing recipe I made tonight... thanks Nadine for calling and rubbing it in how good your supper was! I'm not sure where she found the recipe but this is my version of what she excitedly told me over the phone about an hour ago:

Bunch of Kale - stems removed and chopped
1/2 tsp cumin and paprika
2 cloves of garlic
splash of lemon juice
olive oil

Add olive oil and garlic to pan
Saute Kale with the spices
When wilted add a splash of lemon juice and serve.

I ate this with my improvised whats-in-the-fridge stirfry. Wow it was amazing!

So the moral of this post is don't forget to make the small changes in your food purchases to become a healthier you! I started by doing my best to buy only Canadian produce and meats, if you have mastered that then perhaps try to eat more food from your province and the last thing is trying to eat from your specific region. It does become easier over time once you can find the resources in your area!

Good luck and happy eating!

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